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Learn Kite control & Safety
160€3h / 1d
  • On kite control course you will learn the safety and fly and handle four line (depowered) kite on water. This is equivalent to first 3h of Independent level course. You can complete to independent level +160€. Max 2 students / Instructor.
Flex - Customized 1:1 Teaching
90€ - 60€/h
  • Just cover what you need: Complete your previous lessons, after a break, whole beginner course... You name it! Advanced techniques like first jumps or unhooking can be covered as well. With add-on product full video filming can be combined. Min 2h, first 2h 90€/h and following hours 60€. 1 Student / instructor.

What means “become INDEPENDENT Kitesurfer”?

– What you will learn with us? –


Water Fun for all!


Perfect location by the shallow Ringkøbing Fjord speeds up your learning

Our school is situated by the Ringkøbing fjord combining North Sea’s good wind conditions and inner lake shallow & non wavy water with sandy bottom. Waist/chest deep water is just ideal for learning kitesurfing  & SUP boarding. After crash you get always fast back on board.

Private beach guarantees you peaceful learning environment

Our unique non crowded privat beach guarantees you peaceful learning environment. Beach is only for our kite school’s students so it’s never crowded.

Safety comes first even on our beginner’s friendly spot
  • Shallow water is always deep enough on our spot for safety training
  • Offshore wind works also fine at out spot and our safety boat guarantee safety
  • All instructors are experienced, educated instructors with valid first aid license
Are you just looking place to kite and don’t need kite lessons? There are also many nice spots for public use around Ringkøbing Fjord. You will find  public spots here (

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Timo Nyman

Timo Nyman

Head Instructor, Founder, certified IKO Kitesurf & Snowkite Instructor
Marjoannika Nyman

Marjoannika Nyman

Instructor's coach, pedagog, certified IKO Kitesurf & Snowkite Instructor

People behind Kite One

Kite One Kitesurf School is runned by experienced, liked and IKO – certified instructors Timo & Martta who falled in love with Hvide Sande 8 years ago. Before Kite One, couple has been running kitesurfing and snowkiting school five years in Helsinki, Lapland and partly in Hvide Sande as well.

We are hiring

IKO Kitesurf instructors
We are looking for IKO-certified instructors from June to September 2016! Read more…
Kayak guide
We are looking for an outdoor-guide to take care of our guided kayak-tours in Ringkøbing Fjord between June-August. Read more…

Our Story:


Starting kitesurfing

Outdoor-sports has always been attracting Timo and Martta.  When they signed into kitesurflessons in 2005, they didn’t know where it will lead them.

Kitesurfing in summertimes and snowkiting in wintertimes was fun from the beginning and is still entertaining them fully in 2016!

This is the story behind KITEONE Kitesurf School and its founders Timo & Martta.


First visit in Hvide Sande

Timo and Martta travelled around different kitesurfing holiday destinations in Europe and as a part of their road trips, they visited in Hvide Sande very first time 8 years ago, in 2008.  It was love with first sight. They came back to Hvide Sande again next summer. And next. And next. And next before moving here.

Hvide Sande has it all you need for a good kitesurfing holiday!


First kiteschool is founded to Finland

After five years of experience of snowkiting and kitesurfing, Timo and Martta noticed they were really enjoying guiding people to the sport and wanted to deliver their passion for others as instructors. VIIMA Kiteschool was founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2010.

VIIMA Kiteboarding wasn’t just a kiteschool – it was a brand with mission to be a role model for all to learn and enjoy kitesurfing safely and passion to develop the sport and community by organizing different kind of happenings and blogposting monthly about the life around the sport to Finnish biggest outdoor-forum.

Here are some videos of the happenings organized by VIIMA 2010-2015:

No Pressure – short document movie about life in Hvide Sande 2015 (teaser) 
On the edge 2012 (Hanko, FINLAND)  MOST LIKED!
Pro Princess – snowkitesession for girls 2011 (Helsinki, FINLAND)
Kitesurf -clinic 2011 (Prasonis, RHODES)
Finnish Kitesurfing Champions 2011 (Kalajoki, FINLAND)
Brunotti and Ozone national pro Rider Allu’s winter 2011
Pro Princess – kitesurfsession for girls 2010 (Pori/Yyteri, FINLAND)


Become internationally certificated kitesurfing instructors both in snow and water (IKO)

Right from the beginning Timo & Martta saw it very important to develop themselves as instructors for  making sure their kitesurfcourses are worth of time and money for all their kiteschool’s customers.

They travelled to Norway in January 2011 to learn teaching pedagogy and became certified instructors in snow by IKO, which is world’s leading educational institute for kitesurf instructors.

They came back home from Norway more motivated than ever before.

Next summer they got deeper in teaching by choosing to go through IKO’s kitesurfing instructor course in water which was organized in Denmark (Hvide Sande!)

After learning teaching pedagogy, they have noticed that there is so big difference to teach sport as an educated instructor. It’s more motivating and enables to offer students teaching with quality and fun in the same package.


Opens kiteschool & surfer’s Bed &Breakfast in Hvide Sande

Timo and Martta were so in love with Hvide Sande after spending there so many summers so they decided to buy a house there so that they could spend more and more time there in the near future.

They could’t hide their love to Hvide Sande and started to market the destination for Finnish people and surfers as a dream place to learn and enjoy kitesurfing. It was a natural way to open a second base for their Finnish kite school to Hvide Sande and start to run Bed & Breakfast for Finnish kitesurfers on summertimes. Nowadays Bed & Breakfast is called Sea Lover’s Place and is open for everyone.

On wintertimes they kept running their snowkiteschool in Finland.


Kiteschool extends to Lapland

After three successful winterseason in Helsinki, Timo&Martta set up new base for their snowkite school to Ylläs, Lapland, Finland. Ylläs is snowfunparadise like Hvide Sande is waterfunparadise.

Two different destinations meant need for more instructors. In the beginning of new winter season, there were finally six  instructors ready to work for VIIMA Kiteschool.

First year in Lapland was a success and business kept running and growing there next years.


New school, Kiteone, is founded to Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande has been attracting Timo & Martta more and more last 8 years.

They sold VIIMA Kiteboarding, brand they had created, to new owner in autumn 2015 to enable themselves to concentrate fully for living in Denmark and new business – Kiteone Kitesurfing School  –  in Hvide Sande.

Pictures are from our new place and teaching spot. Doesn’t it look great?

years of teaching
Satisfied students
passion for teaching
Focus on learning

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Holmsland Klitvej 10, Hvide Sande, Denmark
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